VOGA Vodka is the new all Italian Vodka, crafted from fine Italian wheat and then filtered through Nebbiolo grape must, used to make the king of Italian wines, Barolo.

The water used in VOGA Vodka is the lightest and softest water in Europe, which comes from the springs of Monte Rosa on the Italian Alps at 4600 mt. This water is known for the small concentration of salts and the absolute lack of heavy metals.

VOGA Vodka, with its distinct character, is elegantly smooth and exceptionally fresh, offering a new and unique taste experience.


Voga Vodka 40°


Tasting Note:  Nose: re ned and smooth Taste: smooth and enriched by the natural character of Nebbiolo grapes The Finish: balanced, sweet and delicate aftertaste

Origin: Italia

Alcohol Degree: 40% by Vol.

Description: VOGA Vodka is the result of two years of research carried out with an Internationally acclaimed Italian master distiller with the objective to create a premium Vodka that could represent Italy globally. After 78 small trial batches we came up with what we think is Italy’s nest Vodka.

What is Italy known for worldwide? Pasta, Pizza, Bread… wheat!

Packaged in the notorious VOGA slick stylish bottle and beauti ed by luminous Swarovsky gems, VOGA Vodka comes with a retractable incorporated pourer in each cap making it easier to use for bartenders at bars and clubs and to entertain at home.

– Handiness in use, as the pourer is already incorporated to each cap.
– Hygienic safety, as each pourer can be used only with its bottle.

– Time saving, as bartenders will no longer have to change pourer every time they open a new bottle.